Staffing Solutions

One of India's Leading Resource Outsourcer We are your one-stop shop for staffing services. Hire expert professionals on short-term contracts for IT, Marketing, HR, Operations or Strategy.

Xentricx Technologies is one of the fastest growing administrative recruitment services and staffing agencies in the India. Our Staffing solutions now specializes in matching administrative professionals with the right temporary or full-time job opportunities with a variety of employers in all industries

- Selective hiring process picks out qualified individuals
- Won’t need to manage internet job postings
- Creative ideas for hiring campaigns

We Are Fit For All Types Of Hiring

Interview and hire resources suitable for your project.

Bulk Hiring

We have provided contract or temp staff including techies – iOS developers, dotnet developers, java developers, php developers, wordpress developers, mobile app developers, website developers, UI experts, SEO professionals in large numbers to help organizations expand and grow rapidly.

Resource Placement Services

Want to cut down on HR costs? Try temp or contract staffing. We can hire a resource on our rolls or on contract and deploy to your company. Few months down the line, should you desire, the temp staff can be moved to your rolls. It’s a great way to test skills on-the-job, before committing to on-roll employee expenses.HIRE US