About Us

Xentricx Technologies PVT LTD is an international call center based in Pune,Solapur India. Xentricx Technologies company established in 2017 and incorporated in 2020 as a Private Limited Company. Well equipped with state-of-the-art technology with the capacity for fast ramp-up and rollout of new campaigns.We cater to various processes such as Customer care, tech support, Debt collection, Surveys, corporate reception and messaging in the Inbound call center domain. In the outbound call center we cater to direct telemarketing, Upsell/cross sell, direct mail followup, appointment scheduling and surveys.

WHY Xentricx Technologies?

Now if you're still curious why to settle on Xentricx Technologies for development need s, here’s the answer…
• We provide 24 x 7 supports to our clients
• We provide affordable and cost effective solutions
• We have a track record of full client satisfaction
• We read our client testimonials here
• We have the ability to think from the client’s perspective
• We have expert team members for each campaign.

Our Mission

Enhancing the business growth of our customers to deliver high-quality solutions that create value and reliable competitive advantage for our clients around the world.

Our Vision

We ensures high quality and cost-effective data conversion solutions through a highly competent and dedicated team of skilled staff.

Our Values


We love working with others, and treat one another with respect in any respect times. We depend on one another for our mutual success, invite facilitate once required, and merrily assist others. By supporting one another and creating use of the resources and skill sets at our disposal, we have a tendency to learn and attain over anybody folks may on an individual basis.

Teamwork depends on communication, thus we have a tendency to don’t assume – we have a tendency to communicate.

We creatively produce considered, elegant solutions. This includes system style however additionally extends to the approach we have a tendency to work.
We think creatively, think about and depend on existing solutions, and enlist the help of others to mix ideas to form new ideas and solve issues.

Think! Use your noggin and find a better way.


We are open and honest with one another, with management and with our clients. We communicate frequently, and raise any issues we have so that they can be addressed. We don’t sugar-coat feedback, and we don’t hold back praise – we provide each other with the information needed to improve our performance.

We’re moral and honest concerning the work we carry out and the status of client projects and tasks
– We provide complete transparency.


Punctuality is at the core of our being. We are an organization with an extended term vision, providing reliability and stability for our employees and clients alike. We implement and follow internal processes to confirm we offer reliable service and perform at a systematically high level.


We have a passion for the work we have a tendency to do. We take enthusiastic approach to daily work, our dealings with clients and every alternative. We care regarding quality, outcomes for our business and our clients. We encourage one another, and celebrate our individual and team successes.


We are committed to lifelong learning. We welcome guidance and feedback from others, and maintain thus far with technology and innovations. Knowledge is merely helpful once applied – thus we have a tendency to action what we have a tendency to learn. We proactively improve our skill set, our documented processes used by the whole business, and our client solutions. We are associate open company and facilitate one another by sharing our knowledge.